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RockShox Vivid Air R2C
$649.75 $721.95 10% Savings
Get the bottomless, plush feel of a coil shock with the weight and tunability of an air shock on your freeride, downhill, or even all-mountain rig with RockShox's Vivid Air R2C rear shock. Sporting a high-volume aluminum can and shaft, this lightweight shock boasts all the adjustments you need to dial in your suspension to perfection, no matter how nasty the terrain, how big the jump, or how fast the section. Inside, RockShox's Hot Rod technology regulates heat so the shock retains its signature plushness from the top to the bottom of the trail. With low-speed compression, beginning stroke rebound and ending stroke rebound adjustments, this shock eats up everything from small ripples to 30-foot road gaps. Shred on with the Vivid Air.
RockShox Monarch Plus RC3
$544.45 $604.95 10% Savings
In a shock built for all-mountain riding, you need pedaling efficiency, and the ability to absorb big and little hits, all at a decent weight. That's where RockShox's Monarch Plus RC3 shines. The Solo Air spring and Rapid Recovery tech offers a linear rate that's plush on the landings and controlled through rugged rock gardens. From the XC side, they kept the lightweight aluminum can and Fast Black coated shaft, and added an external 3-position compression adjustment switch that lets you dial in the shock's firmness for the terrain in front of you. It also has RockShox's adjustable Dual Flow rebound and an external oil reservoir for smooth, plush, consistent performance no matter how long or fast the descent.
RockShox Kage RC Shock
$319.49 $354.99 10% Savings
Kage, the Domain of rear shocks, long travel performance, reliability and durability. - WEIGHT: 396g - DAMPING: Hydraulic with IFP - CONFIGURATIONS: 240x76mm (9.5x3.0), 222x70mm (8.75x2.75), 216x63.5mm (8.5x2.5"), 200x57mm (7.875x2.24") - SPRING: Steel coil - SPRING ADJUST: Preload - SHAFT MATERIAL: 7075 aluminum - SHAFT DIAMETER: 12.7mm - BODY MATERIAL: Forged aluminum - BODY FINISH: Hard anodized - UPGRADE: Over R: Compression adjustment - OPTIONS: Optional decal colors: White, Black - OTHER: *Weight based on 216x63, no coil, no hardware
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